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The first industry vertical Intelligent Automation Platform

“Helping you to unlock the power of automation technologies to empower human-tech workforce to accelerate efficiency and productivity and deliver excellent experiences.”

Niico will revolutionise the workplace by bringing advanced automation technologies to every organisation, enabling them to operate more efficiently, effectively, and sustainably.

Building true partnerships with our clients

"Working with Niico meant we were up and running within 3 weeks and were able to automate critical tasks without changing any of our systems"

University of East London


In today's digital world, the education sector faces many challenges requiring innovative solutions. Unfortunately, manual processes,  lack of system integration, and legacy systems have made it difficult for institutions to operate effectively and efficiently, leading to reduced competitiveness.


Intelligent Automation can help healthcare organisations transform the way they work and improve the patient experience. Niico's platform offers four critical components to help healthcare providers make the shift.

Public Sector

From technical debt to manual processes, and changing customer demands, innovative solutions are necessary to help these organisations operate and do more with less. One such solution is Intelligent Automation.

The Numbers

Pre Built bots ready to easily deploy 


Hours saved in manual processes


Number of weeks typically up and running


Industry awards won

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