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Introducing Niico

Niico is the Intelligent Automation solution to:

• Transform customer experience
• Drive operational 

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What is Intelligent Automation and Niico?

Niico is an artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. It is a software “bot” programmed to interact with your core applications as if they were human, trained as part of your workforce to perform routine, repetitive work.


Niico is simple to develop and deploy not requiring complicated IT integration.

How Niico Works
Addressing the challenges of Finance Transformation
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Addressing the challenges of Finance Transformation

This whitepaper is designed for any business leader to understand the pillars of undertaking a finance transformation successfully.

Finance transformation strategies have grown in popularity in recent years, and it’s easy to see why.

Every year, CFOs, FDs and Finance Managers alike are asked to do more with less budget.  According to recent research from Gartner, 85% of finance teams are currently undergoing a finance transformation as a result of tighter budgets, reduced resources and increased deliverable volumes.

In this white paper, we’re going to take a deep dive into the four main pain points associated with finance transformation and look at how innovative new technology is leading the way to support businesses in their finance transformation efforts.

Intelligent Automation fast tracks your digital transformation

The main component is Robotic Process Automation (RPA). RPA is a computer programme that mimics a human performing a repetitive rule-based task. It can work across functions and software applications, and it can make decisions

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Niico Application Examples


Finance Automation


The finance operation within a business, especially that of an Accounts Payable (AP) team carries a high level of responsibility to ensure invoices are correct, approved and paid on time. Yet the tasks carried out by the AP Clerks are time-consuming, repetitive and sometimes error-prone.

With Niico, these tasks can be streamlined through AI and RPA, delivering a simpler, more efficient invoice management system, improving processing time, compliance, supplier relationships and opportunities for early payment discounts.

Sales Order Processing


Customer sales orders are critical to both the sustainability and growth of any business. However, manual Sales Order Processing can be time-consuming, error-prone and lead to fulfilment delays, potentially hindering delivery lead times, ultimately leading to poor customer satisfaction.

Within sales order processing a high level of automation can be achieved through the use of Niico, delivering a smarter, more efficient process, improving time and reducing cost.


Customer Service Automation


Customer service departments are at the forefront of managing a company's reputation; yet the customer service staff tasked with this responsibility are working in a complex, time sensitive environment with multiple systems, high volumes and little room for error.

Using Niico, these tasks can be streamlined through automation, delivering a smarter, more efficient process, reducing manual effort, speeding up resolution times and enhancing customer service. 


Human Resource Automation


Human resource departments can use Niico to reduce time-consuming, manual HR processes such as onboarding, payroll processing, compensation charges and exit management.


2021 Heist Awards recognises the use of Niico for clearing at UEL

On the 15th July, University of East London were awarded silver in the Best Low Budget initiative category for their use of Niico for their clearing automation project. 

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The Benefits of Niico

Increased Workforce Productivity & Satisfaction 

Niico takes away repetitive manual tasks from staff so they can focus on complex processes that require judgement

Reduced Errors & Costs

Niico is 100% accurate avoiding human errors and replaces manual effort in running many processes across organisations often leading to direct cost

Increased Customer Satisfaction 

Niico can respond quickly to customers' requests and free up staff to provide added value

Fast and Simple to Develop & Deploy

Niico Works alongside existing IT infrastructure and is non-invasive technology; a major benefit for organisations using multiple/legacy systems

Niico works best supporting scenarios such as

Transaction Volume

Niico works much faster than a human and can work 24/7 saving you time and money

Manual & Repetitive Processes

Niico automates routine manual processes, frees up your staff time and reduces errors

Experience is Strategic

Niico can make immediate improvements to your customers' experience

Structured & Unstructured

Niico works with both structured and un-structured data


Niico joins up your data without having to integrate your back-end systems

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