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“Helping you to unlock the power of automation technologies to empower human-tech workforce that accelerates efficiency and productivity whilst delivering excellent experiences.”

Niico is the UK's leading Intelligent Automation platform.

Our award winning library of "Pre built bots" is widely regarded as the "Go To" Intelligent Automation partner to support organisations wishing to automate operations without having to change any technology systems.

Confused by all the noise, misinformation and hype around AI and Intelligent Automation, Niico breaks down the barriers to enable you to deliver true competitive advantage whilst remaining operational efficient.  


Working with the leading technology vendors, Niico supports a vendor agnostic approach to help deliver automation successfully and easily.    

Born from a Transformation background, Niico adds additional benefit on having 10+ years in building the best of breed processes for the industries we operate in.  This allows our clients to leverage our skills and experience so they can automate in the most effective way.

Simply put, Niico is able to take the robot out of the Human and automate ANY business process.


What is Intelligent Automation?

Intelligent Automation is the use of a number of proven technologies including Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) Optical Character Recognition (OCR).


Combing these technologies together allows an organisation to automate ANY process within their organisation regardless of existing systems in place.

These technologies are now mainstream which often means organisations get confused and mislead on what they can do and how to use them effectively.

Niico uses these technologies from the worlds leading vendors.  This means Niico breaks down the barriers of confusion and partners with our clients in finding the right technology to use.

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